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Backsplash, Benches and Curbs

Granite : The various minerals within granite add depth and character making every granite project different.
Level 1 is the affordable class granite and is a great material to work with as they are the strongest structural granite therefore its fairly durable and good for both indoor and outdoor use. Here are a few of the more popular level 1 colors : Giallo Ornamental, New Venetian Gold, Santa Cecilia, Tropic Brown and Uba Tuba. Versatilel as its available in slab and tile. Level 2,3,4,5's to exotic : come in a huge variety of choices and colors offering a truly unique look to your project. A few sample colors : Bordeaux's, Lapidus and Delicatus. The look of each color can vary from one block number to another.

Eased and Pencil : Modern simple and clean.Our standard edges
Miter : 4cm or 6cm and waterfall miter edge.
Chiseled : 3cm or 6cm rough edge.
Dupont,Bullnose, Ogee or similar : Traditional curved edges comes in a variety of styles.
Visit our show room : View live inventory from some of our vendors on our big screen and discuss your project with our friendly team and we can prepare an estimate for you. We also have an extensive engineered quartz sample collection you can look at. Looking for a remnant, our new yard has an ever changing selection of remnants as well as a few but growing stock collection of slabs. 32 Eagle Park E. Dr., Eagle, CO 81631.
Engineered Quartz : Is made from recycled quartz crystals one of natures hardest materials. Some colors may use recycled glass that can add reflective effects. All are held together with a polymer resin binder this combination makes it stronger than other stones. Also doesn't require sealing as it's non porous resulting in a very sanitary surface and comes in an endless choices of colors including solid white,concrete and marble colors just to name a few. Available in 2cm and 3cm thickness. Feel free to visit our vendors below to veiw their quartz line.

2cm or 3cm : Keep the look of your countertop on your benches, niches, curbs and splash 4" to full height.
Tile : Tile adds a nice contrast of style from your countertop. 4" to full height.
Undermount : Your surfaces covers the rim of the sink.
Drop in : The rim of the sink is exposed.
Farm : No countertop in front of the sink.
Vessel : Your sink sits a top your countertop.
Faucet,soap,water dispenser holes : Are done on site all at no charge.
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